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Hermetic Rose has a single training path comprising the introductory Learn the Tarot and the more in depth Initiatory Path of the Tarot which initiates you into the inner worlds of the Western Mysteries through the deep symbolism of the tarot’s major arcana.

A Comprehensive Course of Study

The Initiatory Path of the Tarot

The Initiatory Path of the Tarot comprises twenty-two monthly lessons—each focused on one major arcana card from the tarot. These twenty-two cards form the foundation of a Western spiritual path. When you engage the potent symbolism of each tarot card through via meditation, ritual, and divination, you open doorways into the deep interior of the self and the collective imaginal world.


The course is taught in seven modules and follows a fun and focused thematic progression: The Court, Guides, Changemakers, Underworld, Stellar World, Vitues, Alchemy.

If you want a tarot refresher before embarking on the Initiatory Path of the Tarot, you might enjoy the introductory course Learn the Tarot described below.

A new cohort of Module 1- The Court begins every four months. Click here to receive course announcements and calendar updates. Complete course calendar.

Learn the Tarot

for Self Discovery, Insight, and Fun

Learn the Tarot is a five week course designed for those new to the tarot or who want a refresher before embarking on the more in depth Initiatory Path of the Tarot course.


Discover how to use tarot cards for personal growth following a specially designed self-paced course that gets you familiar with the cards and using them right away. You learn how to:

  • Generate effective divination questions for problem solving

  • Use one-card readings to find direction, resources, and support

  • Read a card in three modes to access inner sources of wisdom

Learn the Tarot emphasizes gaining hands-on experience with the cards and knowledge of their symbolic language over memorization of card meanings. That's why the workbook is loaded with fun ways to use the cards to derive meaning pertinent to your life. Suitable for beginners and intermediate students.

Download the FREE Learn the Tarot workbook using the form below.

With the PDF download you  receive access to an online learning forum, and bonus material which includes video demonstrations, animated presentations on topics such as early tarot history and tarot symbolism.

* If you would prefer to purchase a spiral bound copy of Learn the Tarot click here.