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Initiatory Path of the Tarot
What is initiation? Do you offer initiation?

Within an esoteric order initiation is often ritually conferred to people who have shown through their participation to have accomplished a certain level of mastery with the material. Often there is more than one level of initiation which indicates different levels of responsibility and focus within the organization. Outer symbols (such as different colored robes, cords or lamens) acknowledge the initiatory rank of a person—much like a job title does (e.g. manager, senior manager, director, vice president).

Within the Order of the Hermetic Rose, there are no such outer markers. Initiation is a deeply personal quest that is ongoing. The initiatory focus is inward not outward. Every member, including myself, is in a process of initiation, an ongoing opening process like a rosebud in a mythic eternal opening. Everyone is at a different stage of the opening process, but all are in the process of opening. In that way all are equal.

What if I already have a meditation practice?

If you already have a meditation practice, you can consult with Kate regarding how to integrate the practices.

What if I already have a grounding in ritual but still feel this course can benefit me?

You may work with Kate to modify the monthly practices so that they will challenge you appropriately and meet the needs of your further training.

Are there a payment plans?

Yes, you can pay for each module in one payment or in monthly payments. On the payment page, look for instructions to pay in installments through Partial.ly. Once you are on the Partial.ly checkout page, it will ask you to create an account using a email address and password. When you want to pay in installments for future modules, check out will be a breeze.

What if I need to take a break or need to stop?

No problem. Break when you need to and come back when you are ready. We'll find a way to get you back into the loop.

What if I see Kate for psychotherapy in Sonoma, or want to see her for psychotherapy and do the course too?

If you want to do the course and have not started seeing Kate for psychotherapy, we recommend that you find another therapist. If you are already seeing her, let her know that you are interested in taking the course.

What if I want personal coaching?

You can arrange for private consultation time by contacting Kate.

What if I can’t make a live stream session?

Live stream Q & A sessions are recorded and can be accessed later for those who cannot attend at the scheduled time. If you have a question you would like answered, you can pose it ahead of time on the forum and I will do my best to answer it during the live stream or on the forum.

Are there different live streams for different modules?

At this time there are four live streams one for the Court Module, one for the Guides and Changemakers modules, another for the Underworld and Overworld Modules, and another for those students on the Virtues and Alchemy modules.

What is Ruzuku?

Ruzuku is the company who hosts the online classes. Their platform allows us to provide courses and connect with students in a variety of ways.

Who is Offroad Seminars?

Offroad Seminars – Uncommon Tools for Change is a company Kate founded to promote business activities she pursues outside of her psychotherapy practice. If you purchase a Hermetic Rose course, you may see the name "Offroad Seminars" on your billing statement.